Biscuit dry flower wreath is made of carefully selected range of dry and preserved flowers, including Hydrangea, Helichrysum, Limonium and more seasonal ingredients.

Diameter: 35-40 cm
Height: 8-10cm

Diameter: Approx 30 cm
Height: Approx 8 cm

Diameter: Approx 20-25cm
Height: Approx 8 cm

Please note:

– All the materials used are dried or preserved, the wreath will last for a very long time, but over time the colours may get less intense. To prevent it from happening i advise to hang it in a space with not much natural light (as strong sun makes the colour fading faster).

– Dry materials are very fragile and there may be some minor shedding during the transport and handling

– This wreath is recommended for indoors only

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